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Workflow system migration

Method consulting for project organisation setup and passive support for migration of a customer centre workflow system.
Benefit for the customer: perfectly designed project organisation and system migration in a dynamic environment.

Business Outsourcing

Defining and implementing processes across companies and partners; developing and realising company management manual; implementing control loops and escalation levels to adhere to framework contracts.
Benefit to the customer: business management manual launched and implemented (services, processes, organisation, service level agreements and control loops) as a supplementary contract base.

Requirement inclusions/analysis

Carrying out analysis and identifying improvement potential regarding the launch of new or the discontinuation or continued development of existing IT systems or organisational changes.
Benefit to the customer: decision-making basis created to launch further steps.

Development of quality label

Development and launch of an assessment model for the Swiss graphic arts industry
Benefit to the customer: certification system launched to boost professional companies on the market.

Business Process Improvement

Analysis and subsequent enhancement of the internal sales force and service centre organisation by implementing five packages of measures throughout Switzerland (process standardisation, implementing business rules, setting up an order management tool, repositioning the internal sales force, enhancing internal communications.)
Benefit to the customer: order management tool that reduces lead times and increases productivity. Definitions of responsibilities and allotted times. Implementation of a control loop to permanently improve processes.

Process enhancement

Analysis of actual process, IT analysis, actual process measurements, analysis of strengths and weaknesses, strategy review. New process definitions of management, business and support processes, including changing the organisation. Setting up and implementing a process steering system throughout the company with appropriate roles and tools.
Benefit to the customer: standardised processes for the future, clear responsibilities, continual improvement method. Lead times cut, quality increased.

Financial controlling and order management

Defining national financial and standard order processes; project management to develop and launch appropriate tools.
Benefit to the customer: budget and usage control for operational areas. Order transparency for the project work and day-to-day work.ement is identified.

Cash out enhancement program

Identifying external cost drivers; defining and implementing 10 solutions packages. Setting up a control loop to ensure cost enhancement on a day-to-day basis.
Benefit to the customer: 10% reduction in costs through selective improvements.

Setting up a service centre

Concept development and setting up of a service centre for malfunctions and support contracts as part of business process outsourcing.
Benefit to the customer: definition of processes, trouble ticketing tool plans, location evaluation, recruiting workforce, test operation and company documentation.

Call Center Improvement

Analysis of weak points and implementation of ten initiatives to increase effectiveness and efficiency. Re-definition of processes and responsibilities; launch of business rules. Enhancement of the IT systems; set up of a key figure management system.
Benefit to the customer: massive increase in productivity.

Organisation manual

Creating a comprehensive organisation manual. Reflecting dimensions such as the corporate view, the organisation view and document management/workflow, including implementation in a new intranet.
Benefit to the customer: standardised and extensive management tool for all management levels.

Process analysis & re-organisation

Carrying out process and requirements analyses; defining organisation and process targets; implementing departmental re-organisation, including generating tools and drawing up an organisation manual.
Benefit to the customer: new organisation focusing on processes; duplications are eliminated, responsibilities are defined, further potential for improvement is identified.

Process documentation

Recording and documenting actual processes, drawing up a process roadmap.
Benefit to the customer: processes are clearly documented; foundation for future changes in organisation and launch of new or discontinuation of existing IT solutions.

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