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Internet portal implementation - Best of Swiss Web Winner!

Project management for introducing a new infrastructure. Implementation of a newly designed information architecture over three portals. Production and incorporation of 6,500 pages in four languages for a company with a workforce of over 45,000 employees.
Benefit for the customer: efficient project management and management of the Content sub-project in conjunction with three major projects running in parallel for a company-wide digitisation programme.

Design and implementation of a web-based project management tool

Initial concept design through to implementation and marketing of a holistic project management tool founded on the network-thinking approach.
Benefit for the customer: development, implementation and marketing of

Corporate & subsidiary website

Project management for a corporate and subsidiary website facelift for a company with a workforce of over 18,000 employees.
Benefit for the customer: implementation of the websites for a corporate division and its associated companies without the customer requirement to acquire the necessary expertise.

Kompletteinführung neues Internet

Umsetzung des Aufbaus einer neuen Internetplattform mit Backend-Anbindung unter Berücksichtigung von Verkaufssteigerungszielen und Call Center-Optimierungen für ein Unternehmen > 18‘000 Mitarbeitenden.
Kundennutzen: Einführung des kompletten neuen Internetauftrittes unter Berücksichtigung der Anforderungen aus allen Bereichen des Grossunternehmens.

Feasibility analysis and project set-up

Carrying out feasibility study, drawing up business cases and obtaining the authorisation of all 10 eastern and mid-European countries involved in a joint pan-European sales and administration solution.
Benefit to the customer: business case accepted by all stakeholders; preparation of the project management tools required for a perfect project launch.

Key figure system/cockpit

Identifying quantitative and qualitative measurement figures in a company based in three locations. Defining key figures and developing a key figure and cockpit system.
Benefit to the customer: tool for managing company objectives, including indicators at business process level to identify discrepancies. Key figures for all areas of the company.

Internet redesign and Internet self-care portal

Redesign of Internet and set up of an Internet self-care portal for administrative and sales-support functions, based on the operational requirements of the line management and the strategic intentions of company management.
Benefit to the customer: customer contact costs are cut; online sales are increased.

Discontinuation of existing ERP system

Creating a feasibility study for discontinuing existing ERP system.
Benefit to the customer: decision-making basis created to launch further steps.

Content marketing hub implementation

Process methodology definition and administrative project management to set up an Internet portal for strategic communication and marketing.
Benefit for the customer: complete project management for new portal set up and launch.

Process documentation & workflow

Concept development of workflow, including definition of target processes and integration with third-party applications, co-operation in drawing up specs, carrying out evaluation and implementing prototype.
Benefit to the customer: Creates basis for workflow implementation; establishes feasibility through prototype implementation.

Launching an electronic archive

Concept development, evaluation and implementation of a central, electronic archive, including digitisation of existing paper archives at locations in German and French-speaking areas.
Benefit to the customer: customer dossiers available at the workplace in all locations at the touch of a button, which also increases the speed of information to the customer.

Launch of a new ERP system

standard ERP solution for sister companies located throughout Switzerland, including migrating and discontinuing existing systems.
Benefit to the customer: state-of-the-art, standard ERP system launched for several clients.

Launch of a scan solution

Concept development, implementation and launch of a scan solution for capturing mail shot returns with integration for registering entries in third-party application.
Benefit to the customer: efficient, automated capture of mail shot returns with integration in a leading application.

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